Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Vampire Who Admires Me (2008) @ 有隻僵屍暗戀你

Live WebcamsAt a glance:
Poster looks too similar to other Wong Jing projects but picture turned out surprisingly decent. His prodigy director Cub Chien outdoes the master in this rather fun movie, what with the bikini chicks and intentionally cheap horror FX, using at least one of the girls from Beauty And The 7 Beasts to boost visuals. A lot of skin to look at but unlike that previous Eric Tsang-starrer, Vampire has superior humour. Not that you have to thank any of the girls for it. They're young, they're hot, they're ridiculously dumb and they have huge breasts hidden behind poor excuses called bikinis, while runnin away from a vampire king under even more ridiculous circumstances. Don't you just miss proper sleazy HK films? Roger Kwok and Xia Yu also provide some much-missed old school classic horror humour throughout the show. Story never gets slow and they know precisely when to cut their losses.
Watch out for:
The 101 scenes of gratuitous titties bouncin here and there. Special mention to busty Natalie Meng (pic, bright orange tie-dye) and also Pan-Asian Annie Belieke (pic, colourful bikini) or whatever the hell she's called. Should be a pornstar.
Best line:
Big-titted Girl #1 to Big-titted Girl #2: "You're so cheap. Why are you in here - can't you see I already got my clothes off for him?"
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Three and a half. Could do with more if there were some decent sex scenes.
Bonus material:
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