Monday, 13 April 2009

Turkish Delight (1973) @ Turks Fruit

DiscreetMarried.comAt a glance:
Landmark Dutch film, said to have been watched by an obscene number of Dutch people. They love it so much, they voted it Best Dutch Film Of The Century.
Something touched me deep inside:
The day I watched this most endearin work from Paul Verhoeven (next to Total Recall (1990) and managed to cry. Your people got game, Niek.
The inimitable Monique van der Ven
Watch out for:
Monique van der Ven in all manner of sexual horseplay. Playful, intimate and tragic, the coarse Olga character sure makes this movie rewatchable. A young Rutger Hauer screwin hirsute, early 70s women left, right and centre (and keepin a sample of their pubes for souvenir) will also remain in the annals of modern cinema for years to come. So players, you got a scrap book and all? Do leave a comment about your most interestin piece of memorabilia.
Reminds me of:
Love Story (1970) starrin Ali MacGraw- but much more artfully fleetin and not quite so soppy bollocks. Not quite. Actually, I can relate to the Hauer's character very well too.
Truly trivial:
The titular confectionery does feature in the film, near the beautiful, bitter end.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Truly engagin love story. Perfect prelude to sad sex.★★★★The BEST eCigarette