Saturday, 25 April 2009

Factotum (2005)

alcoholic sex
Depressed? Always.
At a glance:
Glorious screen adaptation of what must be a brilliant book written by that lunatic Charles Bukowski, who apparently actually went out there and did some of this stuff. In this movie, his screen alter ego Henry Chinaski is a clever bastard nobody who refuses to be somebody - in the most cinematic, yet compellingly sincere way possible. Solid performances by Matt Dillon (who plays the lead bastard Hank well, although some say he's too good-lookin for the role) and Lili Taylor (completely believable white trash alkie girlfriend of Hank's). Marisa Tomei's decent bit as the casual fuck interest appeared slightly disjointed from the story. Oh well, you get to see her tits.
One of the most memorable white trash portrayals ever.
Reminds me of:
My fuckin piece of shit self, if I were cooler. It's a shame some chinamen such as myself can't grow facial hair. It's like we care more about our appearance or our daily undertakings by genetic default.
Watch out for:
The dreamy you'll-never-be-as-cool-as-me monologue finale, complete with stripper and lounge music. Stay for the Dadafon track Slow Day at the end credits too. Hauntin.
Most memorable line:
The sexist and machochistic conversation between Hank and Lenny in the car, culminatin with "Who wants a woman like that?!?" Classic exchange.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Fuckin ★★★★★ stars for a movie that goes some way towards explainin people like the writer behind this blog. Please allow me to associate myself with the movie. Please.
Bonus material:
A real writer, at last.