Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Oh Baby (2008)

"Hmm... she could use a good shave."
At a glance:
Teen fluff, full-on vehicle for Indon starlet Cinta Laura Kiehl. Badly needs a shave though. Watching Oh Baby is like a throwback to the Sunday mornings when Saved By The Bell was on Malaysian TV - only that instead of eyein the pleated skirts of Elizabeth Berkley, our attention this time is focused on those of Cinta Laura Kiehl, the 15-year-old Indonesian starlet. Good thing her actin wasn't too shabby then. The hirsute honey is flanked by Ridwan Ghany and Randy Pangalila, who both play her love interests to some level of competence. Of course, a story like this is entirely derivative from any Hollywood highschool shitcom.
The hirsute honey that is Cinta Laura Kiehl
Bad news on the doorstep:
Really forced. Nampak sangat dia saje nak buat cerita promo Cinta Laura kao-kao. Dancin was only token. Story painfully predictable.
Perennial wonderment:
Why is it so hard to get hold of young, not-there-yet semi-celebs? Can't believe I actually called Jakarta to get her agent mum to arrange an interview. But glad I had to chance to say selamat siang - always wanted to use that.
Reminds me of:
Honey (2003) but the titless Cinta Laura is no Jessica Alba. She is also well-known for often sayin the most mind-bogglin things to the Indonesian media on record. Perhaps that's why it works! Cinta Laura Kiehl is completely refreshin to watch, although her dancin here is not as good as we would have thought. Granted she's not Alba but honey, move them hips more! The girl bluffed her way through 90 odd minutes of clever editin without really needin to show much groove. Shame!
"Hit me baby one more time!"
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Dua, cukup? Soundtrack above average though dancin rubbish. Well, it's called Oh Baby so let's not ask for too much. Director Cassandra Massardi must be so thankful for the music score - it's absolutely fantastic. Never mind the teenybopper fare, it keeps the movie movin. For that, much of the movie's flaws can be tolerated. Cinta herself sings pretty good too. Consider it strong on soundtrack. As for the movie, I guess you could watch it as the debut feature of a Britney-wannabe who just might make it. There are many cameos by various Indonesian artistes in this movie, so if Cinta doesn't cut it for you, perhaps they would. For me, I'm wonderin if we'll see more from her on the big screen soon.
Bonus material:
"Oh no. My movie bombed."