Wednesday, 28 August 2013

KL Gangster 2 (2013)

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Rosyam Nor goes for Sheera Iskandar's extra virgin goodness in KL Gangster 2.
"Pat pat siku lipat, siapa download aku sunat!"
At a glance:
Unceremoniously leaked online more than a full month ahead of its theatrical run this 3 October, filmmaker Syamsul Yusof's dreams (and Daddy's dough) must've gone up in flames last night, as KL Gangster 2 (2013) will now be forever known as Skop Production's RM 4.5 mil prequel that goes into the game with no hope of nibblin anythin near the record RM 11.74 mil the original posted late in 2011. Poor thing. I dragged all my middle class friends to the cinema and paid cash money to watch the first movie twice, just to make sure they had the funds to make this one. Things were still very upbeat three weeks ago when its excitin YouTube trailer was released to more than a million views.
Bad news on the doorstep:
KL Gangster 2: Tauke or taugeh?
The package is generally overlong at almost two hours, with Zizan's wannabe gangsta funnyman role, so celebrated in the first instalment, ostensibly overstayin his welcome, along with all that overdone Canto and Hokkien palaver you get from everyone else. Adam Corrie repeatedly sayin one line in Cantonese only to follow it with the correspondin Malay translation is a fatal example of how it all goes pear-shaped on this occasion. You just can't do that! When KL Gangster first hit the screens in 2011, it played along the fine lines between the lame and the laughable, while deliverin Malaysia's answer to Hong Kong's popular 90s series Young And Dangerous (Syamsul actually outright name drops Chan Ho Nam this time) in a surprisingly refreshin and fun way. This 2013 prequel boasts a "dream team" cast addition in veteran villain Rosyam Nor but while the man acquits himself well, all that trash talk throughout has worn too thin and there is seriously very little poison left in Soffi Jikan's Bangladeshi sting. Even Syamsul Yusof's unpolished stab at the Chinese dialects are exposed this time as he attempts longer lines. The first product was an enjoyable and successful hit-and-run. This one sorely needed a stronger script and newer elements.
"Who uploaded my movie?! Who?!"
Perennial wonderment:
How did the movie fall in the wrong hands? What an unfortunate development. As Soffi Jikan quips in the movie: O.O.O. -- Out of order.
Reminds me of:
How Hugh Jackman was completely heartbroken when an unfinished copy of his labour of love X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) was uploaded a month before it was released in cinemas. The perp, a New York movie fan by the name of Gilberto Sanchez, 49, pleaded guilty and got a year behind bars. Will they get to the bottom of this one? Do me a favour, fellas. Go watch this one in the cinema because whatever its flaws, it deserves to be seen on the big screen, especially for the ambitious action sequences near the end.
Most memorable line:
"Ini malam manyak sui laa. Pukul tiga pagi lagi mau kacau orang ka? Sejuk sejuk ini macam ah, baik lu balik peluk bini bikin anak maa." Love the new mullet, Syamsul! Oh, Rosyam Nor has a good one too. "Eh barua, gua mau kasi ingat sama lu ah, duduk sini lu punya tempat diam-diam, lu jaga sama lu punya anjing-anjing hitam. Jangan nanti hari Deepavali, orang pecah kelapa, lu pecah kepala." Not gonna make many MIC friends any time soon.
Watch out for:
amoi seksi download
Babi-cue punya perempuan:
The deliciously milfy Angeline Tan Yoke Yeah.
The incredibly and deliciously milfy Angeline Tan Yoke Yeah (of Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu fame, who seems to be enjoyin a new lease of big screen life lately, starrin in films like Cinta Beruang and Hantu Air). She actually gets quite a lot of screen time but cannot turn the movie around. By the way, Sheera Iskandar's err... "heavy" return as the once-pious disco sister is a complete letdown, contributin little to the proceedings.
From hati kering to poket kering?
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
As a staunch supporter of this franchise, I wanted it to be good so badly -- and more importantly, I wanted it to make money. What are the chances now for KL Gangster 3? My heart goes out to Syamsul Yusof, who has apparently lodged a police report this mornin over the matter. "Sorry ah, lengcai. Lu punya ending tarak chantek maa." ★★1/2
Bonus material:
KL Gangster 2: Up in flames.