Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Open House (2010)

Tricia helfer playboy murder sexy kill anna paquin OPEN HOUSE hot young girls KILAFAIRY NORA DANISH hari raya seks
You like underwater sex in other people's swimmin pools, eh?
"I must be allergic to this fabric...
and good movies."
At a glance:
Not to be confused with a video release of what Najib and Rosmah shamelessly do in their public-funded residence durin Manchester United matches, Open House (2010) nevertheless starts off on a similar premise - it's about fools who visit a house inhabited by fools. A less-than-lovin couple tries to sell off their love nest via a property agent amidst nasty divorce proceedings but is visited by a woman and a man under sinister circumstances. Sounds like a dodgy movie already.
Bad news on the doorstep:
It is a dodgy movie. What you get is Andrew Paquin writin and also directin a movie which has his illustrious sister Anna bein roped in to market the film despite appearin for only a minute or so, while Anna's husband Stephen Moyer is the lead. The story itself is pretty ordinary and its token twist doesn't really do anythin for the movie.
Perennial wonderment:
Playboy model Tricia Helfer is definitely hot in TV's Battlestar Galactica but in this movie she looks like an old and ugly man version of Amanda Peet. She's still got that killer body but we don't get to see much of it so what's the point of this movie?
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Kudos to Brian Geraghty for at least gettin the looks down as a killer and suggestin that somethin interestin might actually happen. Frustratin movie.
Trailer for the curious:
Bonus material:
Here are more Tricia Helfer stills and also a bonus clip from the movie I found for you - Tricia Helter Pre-Underwater Sex Flirting 101. Look, then skip the movie.

Tricia Helter Pre-Underwater Sex Flirting 101
Exploited Celebrity
Hi. I'm Tricia Helfer and this is my house...

I just love a man who wants to use a Merlot for lubricant!