Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Murderer (2009) @ 殺人犯

Aaron Kwok 郭富城 must've hurt his head pretty bad to think Murderer was a good idea.
Chang Chun-Ning 张钧宁
At a glance:
In Murderer (2009) a.k.a. 殺人犯, preserved prettyboy Aaron Kwok (pic) had a go at some method actin and didn't sleep for days just to get into the role of Inspector Ling, the starrin role in this police action-thriller with a trailer to kill for. A cop wakes up from head trauma and finds himself suspect to the very crime he's investigatin. People are dyin because of a bloodlettin bastard with a power drill who loves to puncture human bodies in the design of a bunny rabbit. Feels a bit Seven, eh? How o how did it all go pear-shaped?
Bad news on the doorstep:
Fuck me four times and call me Susan. You're not serious about that endin, are you? First timer director Roy Chow Hin Yeung 周显扬 - can we blame him? Aaron Kwok has acted his heart out in a movie that's uncontrolled and preposterous, frayin at the seams by the third act. When you leave the cinema, consider how a less rigid execution might have saved the story but how you've just spent two hours on a thoroughly unrewardin experience. Supportin cast Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Chin Kar Lok and the lifeless Chang Chun-Ning 张钧宁 as Ling's missus Hazel, all fail to add meaningful depth to the movie, except for maybe Josie Ho 何超仪 playing Ling's sister Minnie, who's always a little interestin to watch.
Perennial wonderment:
My friend Anrie says Aaron's ace in Divergence. The man did win two Golden Horses. Some critics say that you gotta respect his choice in projects, if anythin. It's supposed to build his credentials as a serious actor. I met the man once at HK studio - he had a clear undercurrent of a possibly genuine desires for human connection about him. I ain't no fan but that face skin does warrant some NASA studies when you consider he's 43.
Reminds me of:
What a disaster!
Guy Pearce in Memento and that Jap dude Koji Yakusho in Retribution.
Watch out for:
The mind-bendin twist, of course.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Okay, look away now if you don't wanna read a spoiler that I just have to write. I feel that it's my civic duty to let you lot know that I think the writers for Orphan and this Murderer ate a bad pizza after watchin Benjamin Button last year and came up with the script overnight. At least Orphan executed the twist convincingly. I think I'll go try the other Aaron Kwok cop thriller, C+ Detective. I read that it didn't take itself so seriously, unlike this craptacular effort.★★
Bonus material:
I have loads of hi-res movie stills for you.

Director Roy Chow Hing-Yeung 周显扬
Director Roy Chow Hing-Yeung 周显扬

Josie Ho 何超仪 in Murderer (2009) 殺人犯