Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009)

At a glance:
Err... I didn't watch the first two - consider that your disclaimer. These cartoony things don't quite cut it for me. For miserable old bastards like this writer, watchin a three-minute sequence of a sloth named Sid (can't believe he's voiced by John Leguizamo) slide down a snow-capped mountain chasin dino eggs isn't good cinema time. Did laugh at the names of the eggs though. Fuck. Have I got a heart? Egbert, Shelly and Yoko - cracks me up every time. Seriously though, Fox has done all they can with this franchise. Time to move on and just do some VHS spinoffs from now on, ok?
Perennial wonderment:
When is the next time they're gonna make somethin as sharp as The Incredibles? The Wall-E stuff was pretty damn close though.
Reminds me of:
Movie Carnival 2008 in Malaysia - or was it 2007? I fondled Scrat cause I knew a girl was inside the costume.
Watch out for:
New character I understand wasn't in the first two movies - Buck, a loony British weasel voiced unmistakably by that cartoon of a man, Simon Pegg. It provided a little semblance of tangible human drama.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
It's fair to say that Scrat and Scratte in the brilliant Hindi movie sequence you saw in the trailer turned out to be the best part of the movie after all. Wish I knew what an acorn feels like.