Thursday, 16 July 2009

Crank: High Voltage (2009)

At a glance:Faster, sexier and crazier than the 2006 first, the cartoonish Jason Statham (pic) in this modern day exploitation flick sure is remininscent of the crazed goalkeeper he played in Mean Machine with Vinnie Jones. He does all manner of bizarre things to get himself excited, includin fuckin in the dirt on a horse racetrack and wearin an electric dog collar. He beats up people and gets beaten up just as often. He spends the whole movie escapin a loony whore (an unmistakably trashy Bai Ling) and rescuin his stripper girlfriend (Amy Smart from The Butterfly Effect). What's there not to like about this movie? There's even that guy (Efren Ramirez) with a condition called Full Body Tourette's Syndrome!
Bad news on the doorstep:
Some racial stereotypin will anger a few minorities but everythin is forgivable when you know it's an exploitation movie from the outset.
Perennial wonderment:
Can Amy Smart (pic) act? I can't be sure.
Reminds me of:Stone Island jackets. I wish the climate permitted.
Watch out for:
Pornstars Ron Jeremy, Jenna Haze and Lexington Steele. You can also catch a cameo by the late David Carradine, in case the unreleased movies he completed before he died earlier this year don't make it into distribution.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?I'll go for three and half stars. How many movies have an official website that makes you type a cuss word before it lets you in?