Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Top Ten Best Boobage 2012

I've seen me maybe 200 movies this year and these are the best, most gloriously distracting breasts I've come across, compiled for your gawking pleasure.

If you're disappointed I've left out what you believe to me a most deserving entry, do leave me a comment!                                                                     [click to enlarge]
10. Dania Ramirez in Premium Rush (2012)
9. Lana Nordin in Chow Kit (2012)
8. Brooklyn Decker in Battleship (2012)

7. Kaitlyn Leeb in Total Recall (2012)
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6. Jo Yeo-jeong 조여정 in The Emperor's Concubine (2012)
5. Blake Lively in Savages (2012)
3. Genesis Rodriguez in Man On A Ledge (2012)
2. Bérénice Marlohe in Skyfall (2012)
1. Gemma Arterton in Byzantium (2012)
Special mention:
"Here's a panda, cover up your nipples!"
Ain't seen the movie CZ12 yet but Mainland actress Yao Xing Tong  姚星彤 has been touring the world showing off her boobs. She came to the Toronto International Film Fest earlier in the year in a sheer white dress and Jackie Chan handed her a stuffed panda to cover up her nipples but it was too late. A few days ago, she came to the KL premiere with a plunging gown that left little to the imagination.