Friday, 21 December 2012

Julia X (2011)

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Alicia Leigh Willis plays unhinged sex maniac sister Jessica in Julia X (2011)

At a glance:
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Ving Rhames takes revenge for being Marcellus Wallace.
Cheap slasher with a smidgen of black humour, strangely and unnecessarily released in 3D, starrin Kevin Sorbo as a bad guy. We follow him on an online dating rendezvous gone wrong, involvin two psychotic but sexy, bra-swappin sisters (Valerie Azlynn and Alicia Leigh Willis) and to a lesser extent, a completely unsuspectin victim (Joel David Moore) who walks blindfolded (literally) into the bloody state of affairs. Movie title is in reference to the killer's contrived m.o. of brandin his victims. The writer and director is P.J. Pettiette of Jennifer's Shadow (2004) a.k.a. Raven.
Bad news on the doorstep:
With a thin concept that gives itself away too soon, Brett Gallman writes how Julia X quickly becomes "an over-the-top, sometimes tedious farce that resembles a live action, 90 minute episode of Itchy & Scratchy as our trio of nutcases bludgeon, maim, and scream at each other". Variety's Joe Leydon, in a taut two-para review condemns Julia X as "a promising premise in search of a satisfying execution. Thanks to 3D, various objects periodically appear to jut out from the screen - but that doesn't help."
Errr... Julia X. Literally.
Perennial wonderment:
Kevin Sorbo finds work. Yay!
 Where do I find girls like these?
Reminds me of:
The title and the poster reminds me of X: Night Of Vengeance (2011). That was an equally uneventful movie.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Very unremarkable. They kept playin the Carpenter's Close To You for that dark humour effect but couldn't even give Ving Rhames a cameo with a cool line or two.★★
Bonus material:

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