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Moving Day (2012) @ The Guys Who Move Furniture

Burly Curly can't get a break... still it's hard to root for him.
At a glance:
Will Sasso Moving Day Trailer park Boys Mike Clatternburg 2012 Guys Who Move Furniture canadian movie review
Gabrielle Miller
Moving Day (previously The Guys Who Move Furniture) is a decidedly low-key Canadian caper that is obviously a labour of love from director and scribe Mike Clattenburg (TV's Trailer Park Boys). Not much online presence for this project; can't find a website, Facebook fan page or Twitter handle and even the IMDb page isn't updated at the time I'm writin this. Billed as a workplace comedy, we follow cumbersome Clyde (Will Sasso, Curly from The Three Stooges, 2012), an overworked and underpaid employee at Redmond's Furniture. He dreams of workin as a City Council labourer, whom the filmmakers relish pointin out to be skivers who make $16 an hour. However the reality is that he's stuck in a dead end job with a dodgy boss (Victor Garbor) and colleagues who are either alcoholic womanisers (Gabriel Hogan, TV's Battlestar Galactica), rock star wannabes (Jonny Harris) or ex-convicts (Charlie Murphy, Night At The Museum, 2006). His sister (Gabrielle Miller, TVs Corner Gas) is the admin clerk of the company and tries to look out for him but Clyde realises he really needs to find his feet elsewhere.
"Why don't you go put a hickey
on the crack of a monkey's ass?"
Bad news on the doorstep:
It's inoffensive but uninspired. Thematically flimsy and rather lethargic, guys who move furniture are as borin to watch as it sounds. Too little is given to the audience to root for its protagonist, whom the focus should've pivoted on, instead of spendin too much time with the supportin actors. The ambivalent dramedy hinted in the trailer materialises; and to no good effect, leavin us with what comes off more like a lazy Sunday afternoon telemovie. Perhaps we can get somethin more compellin next time from Mike Clattenburg.
Will Sasso Moving Day Trailer park Boys Mike Clatternburg 2012 Guys Who Move Furniture canadian comedy movie review Charlie Murphy fat sexy men
Will Sasso:
Just a man and his will to survive?
Perennial wonderment:
This must be the first time I can't find two images to put up here for a movie that I've seen. Talk about bein under the radar.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Charlie Murphy a.k.a. Charles Q. Murphy, the less illustrious older brother of Eddie, provides some comic relief and dramatic weight to an otherwise much more vacuous movie experience. The film suddenly picks up towards the end but it's a little too late.★★
Bonus material:
The worst seat and view I ever got in my life.
Don't worry, I moved.
Photo taken at Scotiabank Theatre, Hall 10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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