Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mother's Day (2011)

At a glance:
Remember The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992)? Well, that hand is back again after 20 years, exactin similar menace in this B-grade horror-thriller starrin the now-wrinkled Rebecca de Mornay. We're invited to amuse ourselves in a web of deceit involvin a yuppie couple and their suitably varied dinner friends bein tortured for 112 minutes by a crazy mum and her unhinged kids, as noted by Charles Gant who wrote: "The perils of buying foreclosed properties are made painfully clear". It's a remake of the 1980 Kaufman brothers film of the same name, so it's no wonder that they also got cameos in this as mortgage brokers, after cashin in on their cheques.
Bad news on the doorstep:
What is odd though, is how Charles Kaufman reportedly said this film would be a shot-by-shot remake of Bergman's Virgin Spring (1960), as published on the new movie's official website. The unsettlin turns in the movie and also the surplus elements suggest that things may have been continuously rewritten on the go. But jeez man, how many characters were actually necessary? A circus of a cast, really.
Perennial wonderment:
If the movie is decidedly R rated, why not have some sex? Wouldn't have hurt none. There are some disturbin psychosexual anxieties between the characters that could've been elevated by some twisted sex scenes. Too much blood, too little cum.
Now ain't this a pretty mess.
Happy Mother's Day!
Reminds me of:
Secuestrados (2010), Trespass (2011) and all recent derivatives of the home invasion genre. Apparently, it's loosely based on a true life home invasion (Wichita Massacre), where brothers Reginald and Jonathan Carr went on a spree of murder, assault, rape and robbery against a home owner and his guests in 2000, goin down as one of the worst crimes in Kansas state history.
My hands were clenched in first of rage:
Deborah Ann Woll
plays the token white slut with a black boyfriend.
When I realised that the only reason I watched this film - Rebecca de Mornay - didn't really ante up. She has a commandin presence by virtue of her character but it doesn't attract the horror levels of monstrous mummy figures like Kathy Bates in Misery (1990), which I expected to be a key element for this movie to work. Subsequently, plenty of Saw (2004) decisions thrown in to muddy the proceedings, which should've just focused on the mad mama. Also, if you're watchin this for Jaime King, you're not gonna see too much from her.
Most memorable line:
Can't remember any in such a bloodbath.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Half star short of three because there's just so much content! The big studios don't agree, so this didn't get a wide released and is mostly condemned to DVD catalogues.

Trailer for the curious: