Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Womb (2010)

What if your mum is literally, technically and unapologetically - a milf?
At a glance:
As the youngest actor ever to play the doctor on British TV's Doctor Who, the slightly unnatural-lookin Matt Smith finds himself suitably and disturbingly cast as Thomas, a genetic clone who is borne by a mother of whom was also his lover!

Say whattt? Let's do this again.

A woman (enigmatic dark Euro beauty Eva Green from
The Dreamers in 2003 that you might remember chattin up Daniel Craig in Casino Royale) loses her boyfriend and in anguish decides to give birth to her dead beloved via clonin technology.
Talk about a horror movie for couples!
Bad news on the doorstep:

You'll never believe the paragraph you're about to read if you've seen the trailer but
without givin too much away, Womb is probably more accessible than what you thought it was, if you were thinkin it were some mental masturbatory arthouse fare. Despite comin from a Hungarian filmmaker whose body of work seems largely despondent and experimental, Benedek Fliegauf's Womb is a thematically strong love story that discusses the ethics of clonin with frightenin coherence and stylish quaintness. In fact, it's so very stylish that you don't even need to get any of it to enjoy the movie. But will you believe me?

Perennial wonderment:
Eva Green (pic) is achingly gorgeous, isn't she? Her unconventional good looks are useful for this movie, considerin the aesthetical difficulties that accompany the movie's logic and progression.
Reminds me of:
Cold, cold English days. Cold, cold English nights.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?

Those lookin for substance beyond the picturesque German island where this was shot will find Womb a technically accomplished and highly rewardin watch that is rich in cold nuance. This isn't a comedy like Creator (1985) where Peter O'Toole was tryin to clone his dead wife but if you enjoyed the quiet dystopia in movies like Mark Romanek's recent Never Let Me Go, then there's a good chance you'll love this horror movie from a biosexual filmmaker. In many ways, it's devastatingly romantic.★★★★★