Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Kill For Me (2013)

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Katie Cassidy. Last seen in bloodied plastic in Nightmare On Elm Street (2010).

At a glance:
Kill For Me (2013) is an R-rated Canadian effort from Michael Greenspan, about roommates Amanda Rowe (Katie Cassidy) and Hailey Jones (Tracy Spiridakos) who share the problem of abusive men in the past and now must consider murder as an option to help settle each other's problems. Other casts include Chelah Horsdal, Colin Lawrence, Denis Corbett, Donal Logue, Leah Gibson and Ryan Robbins.
Bad news on the doorstep:
Not the strongest character expositions, made worse by several poor dialogues from a slightly lethargic script and an unrewardin twist climax. Katie Cassidy from TV's Gossip Girl and Arrow looks less interestin as the movie wears on.
Perennial wonderment:
Canadian actress Tracy Spiridakos looks a little like Amy Smart, doesn't she?
Okay, well, maybe not in this picture.
Reminds me of:
Mike Long of DVD Sleuth summarises perfectly: "Kill for Me is yet another movie where students never seem to go to school... plays like an odd combination of Strangers On A Train meets Wild Things. The movie wants to have an old-fashioned vibe while still portraying (nudity free) girl-on-girl action and some violent scenes. The end result doesn't add up to much and by the time the ending arrives, confusing reveals and all, most viewers will be saying 'Turn this off for me'."
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
Underwhelmin release. Show some love on Facebook if you've seen it.★★
Bonus material:
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Katie Cassidy and Tracy Spiridakos.