Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Devil Seed (2012) @ The Devil In Me @ The Darkness

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Vanessa Broze plays a bitchy busty blonde. Should've been the lead.

At a glance:
Toronto London Michelle Argyris Devil SeedTalk about run-of-the-mill safe bets. Readin on the outset itself about how Matchbox Pictures' goals are to "utilize the assets that Canada has to offer to make commercially viable entertainment appropriate for a target audience with a main focus on low risk - high return genre pictures" almost exonerates the film as yet another horror runabout with the usual paranormal possession flim-flam. To be fair, Devil Seed is very accomplished, if not derivative and unremarkable, shot with the Red One camera on a reported budget of just CAD 250,000. So no surprise it scored enough distributor deals to get our attention. With token nudity, competent SFX, suitable sound design and several impressive set-pieces, you wouldn't begrudge the rental fee if you're givin this a go tonight on Netflix or AppleTV.
Devil Seed sexy Darkness 2012Bad news on the doorstep:
shower sexWe can go a little light on it since it's a maiden project, but lead Michelle Argyris is unfortunately a self-conscious actress with limited range, who might have done better here as a reserved brunette like co-star Shantelle Canzanese instead of a scowlin sexpot. The busty blonde bitch played by Vanessa Broze brought more to the table and maybe they should've swapped places. Hell, even the cameo by fitness model Sabrina D'Amour at the end made me think that she could've lent some Meg Foster appeal as the lead. The ones who definitely stuck out like sore thumbs are Wayne Conroy as the professor and Michael G. Wilmot as the Catholic priest. They looked like they just walked in on set.
Perennial wonderment:
Lisa Surihani
Possessed? No problem. Just give it a Google.
How come I seem to remember every recent possession movie depictin the afflicted victim sat in front of a PC doin a Google search on "possession"? Surely this has become a B-movie bane that filmmakers should avoid.
Reminds me of:
Bedside romp sex positions cowgirl party
Well, I think it's safe to say Lionsgate retitled it The Devil In Me in the U.K. to benefit from the obfuscatin association with The Devil Inside earlier this year. Strangely in this case, the lesser known copycat is actually much more enjoyable than the supposedly superior big studio release. I hate that movie! Also, all this seed business reminds me of Demon Seed (1977) with Julie Christie. Gotta dig that up sometime.
horror movie poster
Devil Seeds in different markets.
Amacam joker, berapa bintang lu mau kasi?
A little more innovation is needed for us to pardon the intensity-sappin performances. Still, a success story of a first foot forward for the filmmakers. For more info, check out the official Facebook page and the official website. That reminds me, has anyone seen The Apparition? That's a well-sold movie with very strong visuals - but critics have torn it to shreds just like The Devil Inside (2012) and I even read that the keyart actually gives away the movie. Leave me a comment? Back to Devil Seed, I'm lookin forward to the next project from this promisin production house - Kingdom Come - but I hope they stay off from the Exorcist (1973) retreads this time.★★1/2
Bonus material:

Shooting in London. That's London in Ontario, Canada.
I'm learning, too.
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Michelle Argyris, a good, hard-working find. Hope she'll improve.
Lead Michelle Argyris with director Greg Sager.
shoot a porno
"Hey, why don't we shoot a porno instead?"
Catholic Priest possession
"D'ya reckon you could do the Latin
without soundin' like you're orderin' Greek food, pal?"

 Vanessa Broze